What we do

We create custom solutions for the application of graphene, focused on the automotive sector. Specifically, we can lower vehicle weight to reduce emissions and improve fuel efficiency. More technically, our products enhance the mechanical properties of underlying materials; that means we create products that are...

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Our solutions are focused on manufacturing graphene-enhanced composites in the application of carbon fibre, polymer matrix composites and rubber tyres.

We are a joint venture with our supplier, who have successfully commercialised numerous graphene-related products – this means our graphenes have genuinely moved from the laboratory into the real world and can be produced at massive scale.

This is something that few companies can claim.


Our purpose

What we do has a positive impact on the materials we touch, the people, processes and output we create and ultimately benefits our clients and the world at large. Energy, moving, dynamic, forward thinking, fresh, innovative – changing what is today. Transforming describes more than the way we do things. It is who we are. We are about making things lighter, faster, safer and more efficient for everyone. Performance is expressed in the solutions we deliver, the people we hire, the sector we work with – it serves as an expression of our culture.

This is why we exist.

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Focus is what turns our knowledge into solutions and actions. Hard to communicate, but genuine to experience. Focus speaks directly to the level of expertise we provide and our precise and disciplined process - and project management we practice – delivering lighter, faster, better performance for our clients.


A collaborative approach to all we do ensures we manage projects holistically, from initial R&D to testing to production. Partnering also speaks directly to the character of our target audience, establishing a long term win-win relationship based on mutual trust, teamwork and sharing both risks and rewards. We are open-minded, constantly incorporating learning from the rapidly evolving world of Nano-Technology.


It is the pioneering spirit that drives us and our clients to achieve more. Pioneering is about performance, being at the forefront, in pole position. Whilst pioneering is boundary pushing, a mind-set and an attitude, we make sure we apply deep thinking to all we do. Always with focus and a spirit of curiosity; always in partnership with our stakeholders.